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Original tunes by WT Sharpe
     All instruments on these songs were played by me. Drums were played by hand on keyboards. No professional loops were used. All vocals are mine. Female accompaniment vocals were accomplished by running a microphone through the internal gender-bending technology of a Yamaha CVP-208 Digital Piano.

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     Blinders  (© 2006 by W.T. Sharpe) is a keyboard piece that's probably over-produced, but I like it. Hope you do, too! Kudos to Cakewalk Sonar's fantastic V-Vocal technology, which fixed my off-key singing on this number and raised my vocal rating from absolutely lethal to mind-numbingly bad but survivable. Blinders Lyrics
     Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Crack  (© 2006 by W.T. Sharpe) is the first song I have ever written for ukulele. Dr. Jekyll Lyrics
     Feel the Beet  (© 2006 by W.T. Sharpe). It's been said that originality consists in the ability to conceal your sources. If that's true, than this song has to be the most original song ever written. I took as my starting point the opening chord structure of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, although I doubt even Beethoven would recognize it. I call it "Feel the Beet".
     This is the first song on which I used ukuleles. After recording the main body of the song on keyboard, I felt something was missing. My grandson's Oscar Schmidt OU-5 Concert and my Bushman Engelmann Tenor seemed to supply the lack. I had not yet given up on picks, so both were played with felt plectrums.
     The Irish Beaver's Lament  (© 2007 by W.T. Sharpe) attempts to answer the age-old question, "What would happen if a donkey dug a pit too close to a construction project owned and operated by a beaver of Irish descent?" It features my new cigar-box ukulele built from a kit from Papas' Boxes and a box I found in a cigar store in Richmond, Virginia. But wait, there's more! As if that weren't enough entertainment value in one song, I also play the spoons, which I learned especially for this song and which (through the magic of a heavily edited wave file) you get to hear at no additional cost!
     I should warn you that this song, although it contains no bad language, might contain certain lines that could be subject to being misunderstood. You may not, for example, want to surprise your bosses' wife with it!  The Irish Beaver's Lyrics
     We Were There  (© 2006 by W.T. Sharpe) is an intensely personal song.  We Were There Lyrics
     Moonlight Sonata (First Movement)  (Performance © 2006 by W.T. Sharpe). My originally conception in my early 20s (the "heavy metal" days) was to have a screaming guitar take the melody line. When I finally recorded it a few years ago on the Clavinova, I found a blend of two synthesizers, one fading in on each note while the other decayed, was much more interesting and pleasing. When I play it on piano, my approach is more traditional, but since I was making a synthesized version, I felt that gave me the freedom to take a few liberties with the normal phrasing of the piece; most notably in the "echoing" and "hanging" manner in which I play the triplets that form the backbone of the Moonlight. Purists will probably run from the room screaming, but I like to think that perhaps Beethoven would have approved.

Who I Ain't
     I'm NOT the Tom Sharpe who won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. His website is located at www.tomsharpe.com. Check him out. His music is really quite remarkable.

A very brief bio
     Married since the early 70's, I now have two grown children and three grandchildren. I'm a humanist and my wife is a Christian. She prays for my soul while I question her assumptions, but we love each other and I don't know what I'd do without her.
     I'm 60 and have been playing piano since I was three. I never really saw myself playing anything else. Guitars intimidated me, and in the 30 years since I bought an acoustic from the back of a truck for $25.00, I've not learned more than six guitar chords, and I bet I haven't logged more that 24 hours total on the thing. Perhaps it was the particular guitar I bought that turned me off stringed instruments. Its neck was approximately the size of a two-by-four, and it weighed somewhere in the vicinity of a Volkswagen.
     Not too long ago my grandson began pestering me to buy him an electric guitar. I felt he needed something smaller to start learning on, so in August of 2006 I bought him a concert ukulele. I'd never touched a ukulele before and didn't know squat about them, but since the time the uke arrived, I found I couldn't take my hands off it. Because I didn't want to hog the instrument I bought for him, I then purchased one for myself. My blistered fingers and I are happy as they can be. One of Alvin "Papa KoAloha" Okami's Pineapple Sundays (pictured above) is now my pride and joy.
     I had planned to retire in 2010, then devote the majority of my time making music for anyone who wants to listen, but things haven't worked out that way...yet.

Contact Information
If you like my tunes, please let me know by dropping me a line at wtsharpe3@cox.net. I need all the encouragement I can get!

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